Category: Sc 2 & SC 8


Authors:  Jörg Walter; Maher Fakih; Kim Grüttner

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Partner: OFFIS

Timing: 20.01.2014


2nd Workshop on High-performance and Real-time Embedded Systems (HiRES 2014), Vienna, Austria


Hardware prototypes are commonly used during embedded control unit design. Existing commercial tools offer an integrated workflow from mathematical models down to hardware simulation. Researchers also build low-cost simulation platforms out of commodity equipment. We present a platform that is an order of magnitude cheaper than existing systems but still easy to integrate into present workflows: Within an existing model-driven design methodology, we perform real-time hardware simulation using the Raspberry Pi single-board computer to simulate an electromechanical system with little development effort.

Target Group: Test houses, academic research

Benefits for target group:

Cost-effective test-bench setup for a real-time simulation of a motor attached to the motor controller.

Mechanisms for knowledge sharing: Workshop and conference proceedings, Scientific publication