Category:SC 1


Authors: Davide Montanari, Paola Bettacchi

Download: Link

Partner: KEMET

Timing: June 25-27, 2012

Platform: CMSE 2012 Europe


The inverters require Filter and DC-Link Capacitors, that can support the need of increasing power with:

High operating and peak voltages,   High ripple current, low self-heating,   Low inductance to limit the switching transient voltages,   High frequency capability,   Large range of working Temperature, high max Temperature,   Long expected life time, high Capacitance and ESR stability,   High mechanical strength, low weight,   Maximum flexibility of adaptation to the shape of the available space, customized terminations

Target Group: Motorbrain Automotive Companies, Kemet

Benefits for target group:

Improve the capability in the automotive applications: quality, reliability and safety

Mechanisms for knowledge sharing: Web Papers, Conferences, Exhibitions